Frequently Asked Questions

For Job Seekers

We have connections in several industries including aerospace, transit divisions, the defense industry, automobile industry and several other manufacturing industries. Within each of these industries, we find a wide range of positions from higher ranked managers to beginner positions for those just getting started. No matter what you’re looking for, you can rely on our team to help.
Rather than simply finding you a job and setting you on your way, our team will work alongside you to develop a long-term strategy for your career development. We can provide you with several tips and tricks to create a standout resume, as well as advice as to how you can get the very best out of your new position.
Discretion is an important part of what we do. You can rest assured that our collaboration will not be shared with any other employers or individuals outside of the company.
While our team will do our very best to find you the ideal workplace and job, we cannot guarantee that you will find one. We can get you through the door in many industries, however it is your responsibility to succeed during the interview process and any additional stages required for the position in question.
Applying for jobs online is extremely difficult. You will be competing with thousands of individuals per application and as a result, your application can become lost in the crowd. Utilizing connections that we have already built within several industries; we can help you apply to jobs that have not yet been made public. At the same time, we can also connect with you leading recruitment managers to increase your chances of being hired from the thousands of jobs available online.