The World of Virtual Interviews

In the midst of Covid-19, staffing agencies and employers were forced to start utilizing enhanced technology for candidate interviews.  This has become the “new norm” in the world of the digital era.  There are many platforms or programs available that can be used for interviewing skills and assessments, for both the candidate and employer function.  Candidate interviews have still remained essentially the same as prior to the digital wave, however, there are some additional steps with the use of technology.  As a recruiter, we are faced with many obstacles and should be finessed with the different platforms available, to help ease the stress from the candidate during the interviewing process.

As in the past, companies survive because of the abilities of their employees, and their ability to change with the evolving world of interviewing and hiring quality employees.

Here are 5 tips to help ease the anxiety of digital interviews:

  1. Do your research and gather information and questions prior to your first interview.  This is a great way to show your dedication and abilities to the employer.  We suggest researching the company before the interview and get to know their culture and values.  This will assist you with any questions and you will be best prepared to share your thoughts on why you are a great fit for the hiring company. Read over the job description and be aware of the companies’ expectations should they offer you the position.  In short, be prepared.
  2. Be presentable.  Even though your interview is being performed online, we suggest that you present yourself as if you were sitting across from the CEO of the hiring company. Taking pride in your appearance and making a good first impressions is an integral part and shows your respect for the interviewing process. Dress to impress.
  3. Check your computer connections prior to your scheduled interview.  This is an integral step that many overlook. Employers want to feel that you are reliable and have the ability to stay prepared during your work day.  Being late to an interview because your connections are not ready, will not show well in your favor.  Be proactive.
  4. Know your setting.  A setting can play a major role for your interview.  Be aware of your surroundings and how they will represent you during an interview. We suggest pre-planning a location where you will not have any interruptions. Please make sure you have a quiet area with no distractions, such as pets, children etc. This is an important step and should be taken into the upmost consideration. Focus forward, this shows your dedication on making a good impression.
  5. Breathe.  Take a step back and look what you have already accomplished.  Know that you are skilled in what you do.  Be yourself.

As we know, an interview is the first step to opening the door for future opportunities within the company. A good first impression is a great first step towards success and the possibility of a wonderful opportunity and a job offer. Don’t let the stress overwhelm you and hold your confidence, after all, you are great at what you do and have the ability to offer great things if given the opportunity. Stay positive and confident.