The Importance of Mental Strengthening During a Pandemic

A global pandemic has in many ways reshaped the workforce in America.  We have seen rapid and robust expansion of remote positions out of necessity which has subsequently led to a shift in the mentality of the job seeker.  In a job market, where well-paying positions are available for quality candidates, the job seeker has a broader breadth of benefits that are also geared towards a healthier work-life balance, and a healthier mental and emotional state.

However, before they can go secure the role that brings them the proverbial wish list which they have created, it is important for the candidate to practice some mental strengthening exercises that will increase their likelihood of nailing the interview and getting that exciting call that their potential employer wants to onboard them.

Still in body and still in mind.  While this seems counterintuitive to productivity, the cumulative effect of this daily exercise will lead to a calmer mental state.  Having a calming and confident presence can make a lasting impression.  Calming music, ambient lighting, and breathing exercises may help you be completely still and ensure you are using this self-care so you can have your sense of Zen intact when you need it most!

Positive Thinking.  Cultivating and channeling the mind to accomplish positive outcomes takes daily mental repetition.  If a candidate remains hyperaware how they project, this can lead to how they are perceived by the decision maker, they are more likely to illicit the type of response they desire from their audience.  Some painstaking, but worthwhile ways of getting into a more positive frame of mind is to take personal inventory of the day, every day.

Identify Negative Thoughts and Patters. Anything perceived as a negative can be turned into a positive if someone is willing to do what it takes to create the win.  If it can be fixed, fix it, no matter what that involves.  If it can’t be fixed, learn from it so it doesn’t happen again.  Anticipate, and take action.  A series of wins will carry momentum and with each day, the losses will be fewer.

Create a mental rolodex of the positives of the day and make the time to express thanks for each win.  They all matter.  Seek to create more the following day.  Make it a competition with yourself.  They say attitude is everything, and this is one of the traits that is most controllable by just using the mental strengthening exercise of reflection and introspection.

You CAN get that dream role – TODAY! You have been sharpening your blade, mentally.  Any rejections have been analyzed and mentally reconciled.  Any grievances of the past are the opportunities of today.  If you embrace and apply these simple, easy to apply tools, you may have won the battle before even joining that Zoom meeting or stepping foot into the interview room!

Despite the overwhelming tragedy of Covid-19, there are even some silver linings to be found.  The most evident and profound positives is arguably the shift in the workforce and how employers are deploying new approaches and benefits to attract qualified employees.  By employers placing an emphasis on a long-needed reevaluation and inevitable pivot on how to create a highly productive work environment, while also balancing their employees having a deeper inner sense of satisfactiJanon in their work life