Social Media Networking Tips For Executives

Take advantage of social media options to network with potential employers and recruiters. Showcase your skills and distinguish yourself from the competition.

Here are 10 social media networking tips for executives:

  • Focus: Although there are numerous social media options available, it is not mandatory to have a presence on all platforms. If you are looking for a new job, it is recommended that you engage social media networks that are commonly used by employers and recruiters alike. LinkedIn, SlideShare, Facebook, and Twitter are the most popular networks.
  • Observe: Social media sites such as Twitter and Facebook have millions of subscribers who use these networks very effectively. By observing the approaches and practices of some of the most prolific and successful users, you can acquire valuable insight that can be applied to your own online business networking.
  • Contribute: Add valuable content to third-party blogs, article sites, or industry forums. When readers find your content to be meaningful and insightful, they may choose to connect with you and perhaps “follow” your contributions. Establish your leadership by providing opinions and commentary on current issues and trends in your industry.
  • Avoid bragging or embellishing: Highlight your accomplishments within your profile and ensure that they can be substantiated when necessary.
  • Follow: Follow the thought leaders and experts within your industry, and create online professional relationships by sharing your knowledge, opinions, and experiences.
  • Research yourself on Google: determine the information that potential employers and recruiters can easily discover about you through an online search. Bonus Tip: You can establish a Google alert to notify you whenever someone conducts a new search.
  • Full your complete profile: It is helpful to share your professional profile with general audiences or with a select group of peers or professionals, provided that the profile is has all of the relevant details – timeline gaps, notably in your work experience, can raise questions or concerns from an employer or a recruiter.
  • Protect and preserve your online reputation: Be mindful of the type of information that you share online. Your professional profile and accomplishments can be tarnished by inappropriate or off-colour photos, statements, status updates, etc.
  • Maintain professional standards: Be polite, open-minded, and offer value. Insightful comments can generate subsequent dialogue or conversations that could eventually lead to rewarding relationships.
  • Referrals: Social media forums offer extensive opportunities to connect with your peers and contemporaries, as well as potential clients, potential employers, advocates, etc. This network of professional contacts can also create numerous referral opportunities. Be willing to refer others within your network – with the caveat that you only support those individuals that you know well enough to endorse comfortably and confidently.

Your online presence is akin to an electronic resume. Recruiters and prospective employers are now more inclined to search online for candidates with the requisite career paths and accomplishments. It is critical, therefore, to have an extensive and powerful online network.

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