How to Build a Service-Oriented Business

Building a service-oriented business is perhaps one of the most challenging entrepreneurial undertakings. Finding the right personnel is the key to success – you need to build a team of service-oriented employees who have the necessary skills and experience to manage your clients’ expectations and serve their needs.

Protech Solutions is a service-oriented company with clients in the Engineering, Mass Transit, Aerospace and Defence industries. Our success stems from a total alignment with the specific needs of these clients.

Here’s how we achieve this:

  • Deep understanding of client needs: We study the client company very closely, following the progress of their ongoing projects. In turn, this provides a thorough understanding of their personnel-related requirements as well as their corporate culture. A site visit is customarily requested to give our team a first-hand assessment of the work environment.
  • Industry experience: Many of our recruiting professionals also have an engineering background. This helps us to quickly assess skill sets and reduces our turnaround time. It also contributes to a seamless and satisfying recruitment process.
  • Extensive network of professionals: Since we cater specifically to engineering and manufacturing, we have direct access to an extensive database of highly skilled professionals. Permanent staff, contract hires or project-based employees; no matter which avenue you choose to pursue, we have the resources to fulfill your needs.
  • Ability to find the right match: Having professional recruiters on our team with the relevant industry background(s) assures our clients that we can handle the recruitment process efficiently and effectively!

We would be pleased to support your efforts to build and strengthen your service-oriented business. Contact us today.